Twin Cities Mid Century Modern (TC MCM)

Photo credit: Susan Schlenker Ingvaldson

So you’ve watched every episode of Mad Men,  drink all your beverages from a martini glass and refresh Craigslist obsessively to see the latest offerings from Mid Century Modern furniture sellers.  Believe me, you are not alone.  Minnesota’s architecture is chalk full of facades dating back from the 1950’s & 1960’s.  There is a good reason why those good ol’ Coen boys came back to their home state to film the  1960’s-set dark comedy “A Serious Man.”  For as many buildings that Minnesota has dating back to the mid-century, we have many more Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts who love to share their knowledge and excitement for the era.  Jake Rudh, a popular Twin Cities DJ, also loves Mid-Century Modern design.  By creating a facebook group called TC MCM (Twin Cities Mid Century Modern), he made a forum for local enthusiasts to share their passion with one another.  I sat down with Jake at the cozy Cafe Maude to talk about the evolution of TC MCM.

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Jake’s love of the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic dates back to his childhood when he watched The Jetsons and other shows from that era.  Now, he has retro and space age furniture all throughout his own home:

“Luckily, my wife & I are on the same page.  We love being surrounded by classic beauty and, for lack of better terms, sexiness.  Mid Century Modern, whether it’s iconic designer pieces, Danish modern or space-age futuristic are all really sexy designs.  It’s streamlined, it’s sleek, and we just love it.”

Rudh, DJ of the popular “Transmission” dance night at Clubhouse Jager in Minneapolis, thought up the idea for TC MCM after seeing the advantages that social media created for his dance night and other events he hosts around town:

“I think the blueprints for the (TC MCM) group came from my Transmission Facebook group page.  I saw how quickly that page grew, and wanted to do the same for TC MCM.  I believe the almost 800 people have joined because they see it and think ‘This is part of who I am.  I love Mid Century Modern, I live in the Twin Cities, so why not join?”

On TC MCM’s page, you can find posts ranging from discussion forums, retro house listings, and people looking to sell or buy furniture.  There are even grassroots campaigns to try and save historic architectural sites, such as the one to save the first Dairy Queen built in Roseville in 1947. Additionally, occasional events occur where members of the group can come together, such as a discussion panel that was held at Eliel Saarinen’s 1949 Christ Church Lutheran last fall.  A couple members have even found their current cherished mid-century modern homes through using the group and seeing them posted on its walls.

The success of the TC MCM group totally depends on its members, so join it today and start a conversation!  Rudh urges the members to speak up, “When you see something…like a house that you drive by and you think, ‘wow, this is unbelievable!’ share it with the rest of the group.”  So go on and spread the Mid-Century love of TC MCM with all of your friends!

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