Meet Olioboard.  It might be a designer’s new best friend.  Olioboard  creates presentation boards using over 10,000 pre-loaded furniture pieces from 300 brands.  This application also allows you to upload your own pictures and layer them on top of each other.  All you have to do is drag the images onto the board, then you can scale, rotate, flip flop or crop any of the pictures.  It is a fantastic tool for the person who has a difficult time imagining what the end product of a room might look like.  Oh, and the best part?  It is completely FREE.

Lately, I have spent many hours playing with the website.  It is relatively easy to use, the only downfall is that there is no easy way to share the boards online.  The team at Olioboards told me that they are currently working on ways to share the boards by e-mail, twitter, facebook, and exporting.  For right now, the easiest way to share the boards is to take a screen shot and insert the image into an e-mail.

I LOVE this tool and it is so easy and fun to play with.  Go to Olioboard’s website yourself and have fun!

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  • Amybelldvorak

    Thanks – interesting way to pull “your look” together.