Where to Find the Best Furnishings on a Budget

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The beginning of September always seems like a time for change.  Cooler weather arrives, students go back to school, and many apartment dwellers find themselves moving into new residences.  This time of moving is always a little hectic.  Between securing a new lease and battling to get a Uhaul at the end of the month, by the time the moving is all finished, new tenants usually find that they are needing a few furniture pieces to complete their space.  Too tired to figure out where to hunt for these pieces on a budget?  Not to worry, I have a few suggestions up my sleeve!

Read on to learn where to buy affordable items after the jump.

Antique Stores on 50th and Xerxes- The shops at the street corner of 50th and Xerxes have always been a favorite of mine.  Antique stores Hunt and Gather, Loft Antiques, and the newly opened home consignment store, Bella Galleria are within feet of one another.  The visual people at all stores do an excellent job of grouping items together in themed rooms.  Clean spaces, eclectic merchandise and affordable prices are always the big factor in why I come back to these shops.

Curbside Pickup- Usually the best time to do this is at the end and beginning of each month.  People who are moving usually hit a point where they don’t want to deal with waste removal companies.  The result?  A lot of nice items get left to the curb.  The trick is to get there not long after the item has been put out.   Each city usually has a curbside pick up day, where waste removal companies will pick up items for free.  This is a perfect time to drive around these areas and stake out your treasure.  Just make sure to do a thorough examination of the piece.  The last thing you want to end up in a situation like the guys from the 1998 Volkswagen commercial:

Twin Cities Free Market- Put on by Eureka Recycling, Twin Cities Free Market is a website where individuals can post items they no longer want and gladly want to give away for free.  It is more gas and time efficient than driving around the cities hunting for items placed on the curb.  Plus, this way, you are less likely to pick up a soggy, rained upon sofa.  Eww!

Ikea and Target- If the thought of buying used is not for you, Ikea and Target are always safe bets.  Target constantly changes their selection and you can usually find affordable options in fun prints and colors.  As far as Ikea furniture goes, I have two words for you: Malm & Lack.

Garage Sales-Whether you search and hunt down the ideal garage sale in the Kenwood/Lowry hill neighborhood, or you happen to be driving by one,  garage sales are a great way to find treasures to complete your space.  If you are shopping a garage sale in your neighborhood, it is also a great excuse to meet your neighbors!

St. Paul Retro Loop- Everywhere you look, retro is all the rage.  Some of the best places to shop in town for retro are the shops in the St. Paul Retro Loop.  These stores include  Lula, Swank, Succotash, Up Six and Classic Retro @ Pete’s.

So there’s my list.  I am sure all you lovely readers have other places you like to hunt for affordable furnishings.  Leave a comment below and let us in on your secrets to find steals in the Twin Cities!

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