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For centuries, Italy has been at the forefront of luxurious fashion, dynamic art and fine craftsmanship.  When visiting Italy By Web’s showroom at International Market Square, one realizes the art of Italian furniture making is alive and well.  Italy by Web is a web-based company specializing in Italian-imported furniture   I had the chance to stop by the Italy By Web’s showroom and talk to the manager, Robert Kelen.  After looking around, I was truly impressed by the quality of craftsmanship that goes into each piece.  Please read after the jump to learn more about Italy By Web and take a photo tour of the showroom!

Italy by Web was started about 6 years ago by an Italian American, Bob Annaldo, who had a passion for Italian furniture.  He identified some key artisans and producers in certain parts of Italy, including Verona and Tuscany, and built a system to bring those pieces to the US.  By importing the furniture, he was able to share the the pieces with individuals who did not usually get access to this style of Italian craftsmanship.

Over the years, the business grew and Italy by Web established partnerships with several Italian manufacturers.  These manufacturers are able to provide detailed customization of pieces depending on the client’s taste.  The sky is the limit to how far you want to customize your piece.  For instance, not only can you change table finishes, but you can pick the type of pedestal and type of apron used, in addition to what sort of inlay you want in the tabletop.  If you are looking at upholstery, but don’t like any of the manufacturers’ fabrics, you may also provide your own fabric and they will produce a lovely piece of furniture!  When talking about the level of customization, Robert Kelen tells me, “One of the advantages of having something made to order is that you can test the limits.  You can send the manufacturers ideas and then they can get the quote over and see if it can be done.”

While Italy by Web works directly with customers over the web, they also have a designer program.  With their showroom at International Market Square, it is convenient to stop by and see some of the furniture in person.

What sets Italian furniture apart from other furniture?  Kelen tells me, “They are still doing it the same ways they used to do it.  The idea of multi-generational business, doing what they used to do 40-50 years or more, is persisting.  People who value that sort of hand-craftsmanship and generations of doing things can find something special in Italian furniture.  It is a tradition.”

You can find Italy by Web at International Market Square, or on their website. Take a look through the photo gallery below to get a taste of their beautiful pieces!

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