Living in a Nutshell Book Review

                                                                    Janet Lee from Living in a Nutshell

How many of you have had to live in a small space at one time in your life? I know I have had a few of my own. After you move in and settle, the next big question that might come up is, “How do I decorate and make everything fit in here?” TV producer, small space decorator and author Janet Lee is here to help! Lee recently wrote the book, Living in a Nutshell, which is based off of her blog by the same name. Lee will be in town tonight, Thursday, July 12th from 5-7PM at Corazon for a cocktail and craft evening and will be explaining how you can make the most out of your small spaces! I recently had the opportunity to read the book and loved it. Read on to see my full review!

When I received the book, (full disclosure: Lee’s publisher sent me a copy of her book), I knew it was going to be a fun read. Lee, who lived in a small Minneapolis apartment in Linden Hills during her days working at KSTP-TV, gives the book a fun, warm tone. Her cheery writing certainly matches her love of bright colors, which you will see used in most of the featured rooms. Lee’s mantra for small space design is to delight, dazzle and divert and she does not disappoint. She sets the stage for showing off her knack on conserving space and showing how you can take her ideas and easily apply them to your own room.

My top favorite parts about the book include:

1. Lee presents the book like she is your friend who wants to help you. Never is she condescending or assumes you have to have a big budget to afford smart, fun design.

2. Lee ranks the projects by time commitment, whether they are “quickies” (1 hour or less), “one nighters” (2 to 5 hours), or “weekenders” (6-plus hours). This is SO helpful so you know what you are getting yourself into before you start crafting!

3. Lee focuses on what you can do, not what you can’t do. For example, can’t afford designer pillows? Find the same designer fabric in a place mat and turn it into a pillow!

4. While some projects are less apartment friendly, there are many others which avoid drilling into walls and finding alternative ways to incorporate color into the place.

5. There is an entire section in the back dedicated to design resources, necessary tools and a photo guide which explains where to find items shown in the pictures.

Lee is smart and friendly, which makes this book a fun read. It would be a great gift for anyone going off to college or moving into their first apartment or starter home. Make sure you stop by her book event tonight at Corazon and get your own copy!

Janet Lee, Author of Living in a Nutshell
Cocktails and Live Craft Demonstration
Corazon Books
4646 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, July 12th


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