Interview with Jackie Wulf of JK Interiors

Interior by JK Interiors

There are many folks in the Twin Cities who love with good design and local interior designer, Jackie Wulf, is definitely one of them. She has been in the design business for 20 years running her own interior design company, JK Interiors. I recently had the opportunity to interview Jackie via email and learn more about her business as well as her favorite design trends and local design resources. Click after the jump to to view more.

Jackie Wulf

What made you first interested in interior design?

As a kid I always liked to repaint or redo everything in the house.  I loved color and fabrics.  When I was in high school my home economic teacher suggested interior design as a career option – I looked into it and decided that was what I wanted to do.

How did you come to the decision to start your own business?

I was working as an assistant for another designer and felt like I was not valued or being paid appropriately for the work I was doing – so I asked my dad to cosign a loan for me, came up with a name and spoke with the builder I had been working with to make sure they would still work with me if I went out on my own.  It was the best move I ever made.

Interior by JK Interiors

What are some of your favorite design resources?

I have been in this business for 20 years so International Market Square is my main source.  For fabric I love Blended Blue – they carry the manufacturers Pollack and Brentano.  Upholstered furniture manufacturers I like are Dellarobia for contemporary, and Lee Industries for a more transitional look. Auto Cad has become a great design tool for our business.

What are some of your favorite design colors, materials and trends?

Right now I am really into grays and neutrals.  I like to accent with colors – love oranges and chartreuse.  I love working with different wood species, stones and any other natural product.

Interior by JK Interiors

Tell me about your approach to a project with a new client?

I like to get to know my clients life style – so when I begin to work with a new client I like to ask them a lot of questions about how they live in their house, and what they like and dislike about their spaces.  I like the client to know that my goal when working with them is to create the dream space that is in their head.  I want them to understand that I am there to guild them not tell them what to do because I do not live in their space.

What services do you offer for clients?

My dream projects are new construction or remodeling.  In those projects I will work with a client on all of their selections – plumbing fixtures, electrical layouts and fixtures, flooring selections, cabinet design and materials, paint, window treatments and wall covering selections.  When we have finished with the fixed items we can move on to furniture layouts and furniture and fabric selections.

What do you want your business to be known for?

I want my clients to know that I am working for them and they are in charge.  I believe in open communication and organization!  My biggest reward is when a project is complete and the homeowner is thrilled with the end result!

Thanks Jackie! You can view more photos of Jackie’s work with JK Interiors at her website and Houzz page.