Brookdale Center’s Animal Signs

Image from

Growing up around Southdale, I have always enjoyed the animal graphics which mark the different sections of the parking lot. There was always something fun about screaming to your parents, “Let’s park in the camel lot!”  Well, most of the “dale” malls had animal graphics marking their parking lot sections. With the recent tear-down of Brookdale Center, 2 men had a great idea of how to keep these iconic graphics alive. Click here to view the link to the CBS local video story.

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Forage Modern Workshop NYE Bash

Chances are you have not yet heard of Forage Modern Workshop. Not to worry, you soon will! The new store is opening up spring 2012, but on New Years Eve, owners Rebekah & Heidi are hosting a rockin’ party and giving locals a sneak peek at the space. Located at 4023 E Lake St. in Minneapolis, the NYE party is free with a cash bar and has a lineup of local musical artists including Cactus Blossoms, Greycoats, Ghost in the Water and DJ Erotic Vulture. The store will specialize in Forage Modern Workshop branded furniture and cabinets designed by both staff members and local artists. Additionally, they will sell refinished and refurbished vintage furniture and home goods. I am sure we will hear much more from them this coming year! In the meantime, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

When: 8PM-2012

Where: 4023 E Lake St. in Minneapolis

Cost: Free

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“Ralph Rapson: Chair Design in the Architect’s Studio”

A new exhibit showcasing Ralph Rapson’s work as a furniture designer opens this week at Danish Teak Classics. Rapson, a leading figure in American architecture and design, designed many buildings in Minnesota, including the old, demolished Guthrie building and Riverside Plaza. His furniture designs are the focus of “Ralph Rapson: Chair Design in the Architect Studio”.

The exhibit will feature a vintage Rapson chair produced in the 1940s for H.G. Knoll as well as many sketches of the designer’s unrealized designs. New pieces from family-owned Rapson-Inc’s Greenbelt line of modern classics will also be on display and available to purchase in the Twin Cities exclusively through Danish Teak Classics.  The furniture line features the Highback Rapson Greenbalt Rocker, first designed for the MoMA’s landmark Organic Design in Home Furnishings Competition of 1940.

Additionally, the exhibit will feature 3 drawings of pieces from the Rapson design library and give fans the chance to vote on which design will enter limited production at Danish Teak Classics in 2012. Fans may vote in-person at the exhibit or online until January 31st. The winning design will be announced during a closing ceremony on February 2nd from 6-9pm.

The exhibit begins December 29th and goes through February 5th. There will be an opening ceremony on December 29th from 6-9pm at Danish Teak Classics, located at 1500 Jackson St. NE, Ste 120 in Minneapolis. The exhibit is free to the public during the stores normal hours, which may be found at


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Winterlights at the Purcell-Cutts House

Picture from The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts succeeds again in providing festivities for visitors. In addition to decorating the museum’s period rooms for the holidays, the MIA decorated the Purcell Cutts house in trimmings in the period style from when the house was built in1913. Built by William Purcell and George Elmslie, the Prairie School house is located in Minneapolis. The MIA is hosting tours every Saturday and Sunday, now through January 1st. Tickets are free to MIA members and children under 12, $5 for adults and $4 for students. More information on how to purchase tickets and tour times can be found on the Winterlights Tour Page.



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The Best Furniture Store in MN on 4 Wheels!

I’ve seen plenty of restaurants on buses, but to my surprise, last weekend was the first time I have been aboard a mobile home decor store! Uniquely Attainable is the brainchild of Angela White Smith, former marketer turned home decor bus owner.

Click after the jump to read more about Uniquely Attainable and to see photos from inside the bus.

Continue reading

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Lustron Homes Video Tour

Image from MinnPost by Steve Date

I have driven by the Lustron homes on Nicollet Avenue in South Minneapolis more times than I can count and I have always wondered what these look like on the inside. Thanks to Steve Date from MinnPost, you can view the a video tour from the current homeowner! If you like the article, you should become a MinnPost member and support local journalism!

Click here to follow the link to the MinnPost story.

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Store Opening: Find Furnish

Nestled in the first floor of the white factory building at the Casket Arts Building is a new store called, Find Furnish. Owned by Marie Zellar and Brian Wilcox, Find Furnish specializes in found Mid-Century Modern furnishing and accessories. Marie spends hours looking through garage sales in the Midwest region and brings her treasures back to Minneapolis to restore to their original glory.

Brian and Marie both learned restoration when they were young. After working the political and environmental scene for a number of years, they both decided to partner and return to their restoration roots and open Find Furnish. Whether it is a Pomegranate colored sofa, a lime green 8-track table, or some funky lamps, Marie and Brian keep the selection fresh. In addition to stopping by their new showroom, one may also purchase items off of their Etsy site. 

Please join Marie and Brian this weekend for their Grand Opening of Find Furnish at 1720 Madison Street NE, #10, Minneapolis Minnesota, 55413.

Saturday, October 15 from 12 noon to 8pm

Sunday, October 16th from 12 noon to 5pm.

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Summer Hiatus

Image by kari.volkmanncarlsen

It is finally summer again! We thought winter would never end! As I am finding the days stay lighter longer, I am also finding it hard to keep myself on a normal blog schedule. Because I want to get out and enjoy the spring/summer, I am taking a little summer vacation from the blog. Feel free to keep sharing links and comments on the blog or on the blog’s facebook page and let everyone know of all the cool events and stores in the cities. I hope you all have a great summer!

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Interview with Zeichen Press

Image from Zeichen Press

This is Jen and Fran Shea. Not only are they awesome ladies, but they also run Zeichen Press, an awesome, local letterpress company. What exactly is letterpress? Letterpress is a relief printing process using raised inked letters and images pressed on paper. It is also making its way into a myriad of fashion decor. Zeichen Press’s portfolio is full of prints, business cards, stationary and invitations. They also offer custom creations, so you can add a touch of letterpress to your next business card or event. I recently interviewed Fran over e-mail. We discussed typography, letterpress, and the story behind their funky little logo!

Read on after the jump!

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U of M Students Envision New Public Spaces for Nicollet Mall

Image from

If you could re-do Nicollet Mall to create more outdoor gathering spaces, what would you do?  That is the challenge that Graduate Students of the University of Minnesota’s College of Design posed for a recent workshop.  You may read more about the project at The Line.

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