Twin Cities Tiny Homes Profiled on MPR

WeehomePhoto Credit: Alchemy Architects

How do you do more with less? There seems to be an emerging trend of backing away from McMansions to smaller, prefab homes with a thoughtful footprint on the environment and on one’s pocketbook.

Prefab homes is short for prefabricated homes, which are manufactured off-site in sections and then shipped to a location, where they are assembled.

Yesterday, Minnesota Public Radio’s The Daily Circuit show welcomed Geoffrey Warner, founder of weeHouse with Alchemy Architects, and Thomas Fisher, professor of architecture and dean of the College of Design at the University of Minnesota, to talk about the role of prefab homes in our culture. Click here to listen to the MPR story and learn more about prefab homes.

If you are looking to talk with others and learn more about constructing and living in a tiny home, there is a meetup going on at the Red Stag Supper Club tomorrow, February 17th at 12pm. Click here to view and join the meetup page.

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