Sales! Two is Always Better Than One

I love beautiful, locally designed furniture. Nothing makes me more proud to call Minnesota my home state than when I see the graceful curves of a beautiful chair from Rapson Inc or the bright colors of Blu Dot’s Strut Table.

This must be my month because both local companies are hosting sales!

Rapson Inc. is hosting their first ever sale. All furniture is 15% off. The sale has been going since the 1st of the month, and it lasts until October 31st. You can find Rapson Inc. furniture at:

Danish Teak Classic
1500 Northeast Jackson Street  Minneapolis, MN
Forage Modern Workshop
4023 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN

The chic, modern furniture design company, Blu Dot, is also having a sale! Their 20/20 sale started on 10/20 and lasts 20 days, ending on November 8th. You can find Blu Dot furniture at:

2914 Hennepin Avenue  Minneapolis, MN

Now if only I can get someone to get me this desk as an early Christmas gift! Isn’t it lovely?

The Blu Dot Sale is Coming!

Forget Black Friday, Blu Saturday is the date you should mark on your calendars! Locally based furniture company, Blu Dot is hosting a sale this Saturday, June 9th from 9am -1pm at their Rogers warehouse located at 13098 George Weber Drive, Rogers, MN. Savings are up to 70%, so you have no excuse not to jazz up your home with their bright colors and minimalist designs.

Set your alarm clock early, because you won’t be the only one in line when the doors open at 9am. Even if you don’t have a big car to bring home your treasures, Blu Dot is offering local Minneapolis metro area curbside delivery. Come early for the free coffee and pastries, stay for the good deals!

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