New Business Omforme!

Picture courtesy of Omforme

How often is it that you find a piece of older furniture on Craigslist or at a garage sale that needs to be infused with new life? Carter Averbeck knows a thing or two about putting a new twist on older furniture. Starting as a hobby, Carter soon saw the demand for his transformed pieces increase and started his business, Omforme. I had the chance to interview Carter via email and learn more about his process. Read on after the jump!

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House Tour: Anna’s Danish Digs

Image from Apartment Therapy

Jose Gonzalez-Maciel recently profiled a St. Paul home on Apartment Therapy.  Anna’s home can really be described as quaint, Danish, comfortable and colorful.  After interning abroad in Denmark, she brought back lots of the Danish design aesthetic to her cozy home.  Wish all the color in the rooms, the winter months must be super cheerful!  Check out Jose’s full interview and house tour with Anna on Apartment Therapy’s website.

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Tweet Tweet Home

Courtesy of Tweet Tweet Home

Just by chance, I happened to walk by Greg Sargent’s office this weekend and discovered his project, Tweet Tweet Home.  The birdhouses, made of 100% recyclable plastic, are meant to hang outside and serve as an actual shelter for birds.  These fun. colorful abodes retail at Patina, The Walker Shop, Bibelot and Rosackers Florists.  Check out the full assortment of colors and shapes at Tweet Tweet Home’s website.

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Cy Winship on Design

Last week I stumbled across this great video of local designer Cy Winship from Cy Winship Design, sharing his design process.  His philosophies on design will ring true for many designers.  One important point he brings up is wanting the homeowner to feel better in his or her own home, while still being open to taking risks to make the room more exciting.

After watching this video, I want you to chime in:  What sort of philosophies do you think are important in the design process?  What practices does a good designer use to transform a client’s room?

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How to Add Color to Your Walls

Image from Hirshfield’s

So you have a large, open space and you have no idea how to add some pizazz to your safe, neutral walls.  You find inspiration in shelter magazines or in blog posts, such as Annie’s Colorful Abode or Casey’s Loft.  You walk into the paint store, pictures of your room in hand, intent on picking out a color that does not have the words “tan” or “gray” in the paint color name.  Then you arrive at the wall of paint chips…you then go into that glazed deer-in-the-headlights look.  Where to start?  Luckily local paint store Hirshfield’s has the know-hows in their recent blog post on adding colored accent walls.  Head on over to Hirshfield’s Color Club blog to find out how to add some hue to your walls!

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House Tour: Annie’s Colorful Abode

Photographs by Noelle Bakken

I always have been drawn to bold, bright colors, but like so many of us, I too have shied away from putting saturated color on my walls (cut me some slack, I’m a renter!)  Meet Annie.  She is not afraid of color.  Instead, she embraces bright colors and fills her home with cheerful, fun hues.  Check out her home for inspiration of how to have fun with color in your own space.

Read on after the jump to see all the pictures of Annie’s home.

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