Twin Cities Mid Century Modern (TC MCM)

Photo credit: Susan Schlenker Ingvaldson

So you’ve watched every episode of Mad Men,  drink all your beverages from a martini glass and refresh Craigslist obsessively to see the latest offerings from Mid Century Modern furniture sellers.  Believe me, you are not alone.  Minnesota’s architecture is chalk full of facades dating back from the 1950’s & 1960’s.  There is a good reason why those good ol’ Coen boys came back to their home state to film the  1960’s-set dark comedy “A Serious Man.”  For as many buildings that Minnesota has dating back to the mid-century, we have many more Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts who love to share their knowledge and excitement for the era.  Jake Rudh, a popular Twin Cities DJ, also loves Mid-Century Modern design.  By creating a facebook group called TC MCM (Twin Cities Mid Century Modern), he made a forum for local enthusiasts to share their passion with one another.  I sat down with Jake at the cozy Cafe Maude to talk about the evolution of TC MCM.

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