Living in a Nutshell Book Review

                                                                    Janet Lee from Living in a Nutshell

How many of you have had to live in a small space at one time in your life? I know I have had a few of my own. After you move in and settle, the next big question that might come up is, “How do I decorate and make everything fit in here?” TV producer, small space decorator and author Janet Lee is here to help! Lee recently wrote the book, Living in a Nutshell, which is based off of her blog by the same name. Lee will be in town tonight, Thursday, July 12th from 5-7PM at Corazon for a cocktail and craft evening and will be explaining how you can make the most out of your small spaces! I recently had the opportunity to read the book and loved it. Read on to see my full review!

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Living in a Nutshell: Small Space Expert Janet Lee

Small space owners, listen up! Former Twin Cities resident, Janet Lee, has a blog called, Living in a Nutshell and recently released a book from Harper Collins by the same name. The book focuses on Lee’s ideas on how to make a space-challenged room and turn it into a fun, organized area. Lee currently resides in New York, so she knows a thing or two about decorating for small spaces! Lee is going to be in town for a cocktail hour with a live craft demonstration this Thursday, July 12th from 5-7pm at Corazon Books in Minneapolis (4646 East Lake Street). Read on to see more photos from the book and hear about Lee’s experiences while living in the Twin Cities.

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