Guerilla by Design-An ambush style furniture exhibition in downtown Minneapolis

What would you do if a group of 16 furniture designers invaded your space and replaced your items with furniture designed specifically for your site? Guerilla by Design is an ambush-style furniture exhibit by a group of local designers who are transforming the city’s design reputation by proving that smart and beautiful furniture design isn’t only reserved for New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Stylish furniture is being designed right here in the Twin Cities.


The show is happening Friday, August 10th from 2pm-7pm, Saturday, August 11th from 4pm-11pm with an opening party from 7pm-11pm, and Sunday, August 12th from 11am-3pm.  The space located at 25 N. 4th St. I had the opportunity of speaking with Maya Khaira, the show’s spokeswoman and local furniture designer about the inspiration behind the idea.

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Interview with Zeichen Press

Image from Zeichen Press

This is Jen and Fran Shea. Not only are they awesome ladies, but they also run Zeichen Press, an awesome, local letterpress company. What exactly is letterpress? Letterpress is a relief printing process using raised inked letters and images pressed on paper. It is also making its way into a myriad of fashion decor. Zeichen Press’s portfolio is full of prints, business cards, stationary and invitations. They also offer custom creations, so you can add a touch of letterpress to your next business card or event. I recently interviewed Fran over e-mail. We discussed typography, letterpress, and the story behind their funky little logo!

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Profile: Tanek Architecture and Design

Video Courtesy of Fran at Zeichen Press

I would like you to meet Tanek!  Tanek, an architectural and design firm, is nestled in a converted turn of the century office building in Minneapolis.  The firm was started in 1999 by Nat Shea and Ken Piper.  If you flip their first names backwards and combine them, you get Tan and Nek, or Tanek!  I had the chance to meet with Ken and Nat last week and learn more about Tanek’s  projects and design process.  Take a moment to meet Nat and Ken and their talented staff in the video above and then click after the jump to see my interview with Tanek!

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Cy Winship on Design

Last week I stumbled across this great video of local designer Cy Winship from Cy Winship Design, sharing his design process.  His philosophies on design will ring true for many designers.  One important point he brings up is wanting the homeowner to feel better in his or her own home, while still being open to taking risks to make the room more exciting.

After watching this video, I want you to chime in:  What sort of philosophies do you think are important in the design process?  What practices does a good designer use to transform a client’s room?

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